Your Words, Thoughts, and Opinions Are Important To Me.

Ann Short


It’s vitally important in every marriage for the wife to know that her words, thoughts, and opinions are important to her husband. She wants to feel valued and to know that she is at the top of her husband’s list. I made it my business to make sure Ann knew this. Hey Ann, your words, thoughts, and opinions are important to me.

This was life-changing for her because she never had anyone express this to her. When I first met her she was a broken woman. The stories she told me of how she was mistreated by the people who were supposed to love her were just awful. Her life experiences and mine were very different.


When we were children, my mother would have house meetings in our home. The attendees were my mom, brother, sister, and I. The purpose of the meetings was to discuss things that were going on in the home. We’d discuss things like chores, homework, etc. Mom would also give us a chance to speak about any problems we may have had with anything she was doing or has done. We were able to speak our minds respectfully and if there were any changes that needed to be made she made them.

The house meetings taught my brother, sister, and I that we mattered. There were no questions about who was the head of the home but there was also no question about whether or not we were valued. We were taught to lift our heads up no matter what was going on in life. As a matter of fact, there were people who said they thought we were rich (I don’t know where they got that from) because of how we carried ourselves. My mom instilled inside of us pride, confidence, and humility.


These were a few of the many childhood lessons I brought into my marriage. She learned through my words as well as my behavior that her words, thoughts, and opinions were important to me. I remember saying to her many times, “being a man does not make me better than you.” I explained to her that my sister had to do the dishes twice a week when we were children, but so did my brother and I. We didn’t get special treatment because we were boys.

I did not rule my marriage or my house with an iron fist. Instead, I ruled it with love, compassion, commitment, and patience. Click To Tweet

I understood that God was rebuilding what was broken in her through me. That meant that sometimes I had to take hits because a mind cannot be renewed overnight.


Things were hard for her to grasp and understand at first but the lady that came out of the fire was virtuous, fierce, beautiful, and elegant. The same pride, confidence, and humility my mother instilled inside of me, I was able to instill inside of Ann.

It’s not all about money, things, and stuff because we were in no way rich but there was one thing she knew for sure. Much like Superman and Lois Lane, Ann knew I would jump in front of a bullet, car, or train if it meant that she would be safe. Before you share this blog post, take a look at the middle picture. Take notice of how she’s holding her head. She’s holding it up with pride, confidence, and humility. This is the duty of a husband.

15 thoughts on “Your Words, Thoughts, and Opinions Are Important To Me.

  1. You inspire me to be a better man for my soon to be Home. I am prospecting marriage soon and your teachings are timely. I pray God help me.
    I have you in my prayers D. Stay strong.


  2. My eyes were drawn immediately to the middle picture of Ann. I was thinking ( this lady ) has it all together. She looks graceful and elegant, confident and has a beautiful glow about her. Keep her memories in your mind, always.

  3. Loosing a loved one is truly hard especially when the couple is enjoying a deep sense of marital bliss. May GOD raise many such exemplary marriage, comfort your heart and fill the void she’s left. Praying great grace for you at this time bruv. PEACE!

  4. You transformed her whole world into something beautiful and romantic. “That’s awesome!” Only if all men were like you. The world would be a much better and safer place for us women.
    God bless.

  5. My son, I’m so proud of the young man that you’ve become. Ann would often tell me that she was so happy that you are her husband and she would tell me how you treated her like a queen. May God continue to bless you, eye haven’t seen nor has your ears heard the things that God has in store for you. Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof.

  6. I am in awe…I am raising two boys and a daughter myself. Two teens and one preteen. I pray daily that my son’s grow up to love, honor and respect women. Especially raising them in church, I am always very careful what type of men try to mentor or influence them. You have done a great job Mom! Ephesians 3:20!!

  7. I pray God finds me a Man like you, Ann sure knew that you were her Superman! God bless you much Derron..God bless you

  8. Thanks for this post. It really made me think of my experiences.

    If I don’t feel safe (protected, etc) as woman, I have a sense insecurity so I feel like I have to work harder to feel safe. Knowing only I can protect myself this is while being in a relationship. I think for a man, correct me if I’m wrong, they desire to feel like the hero.

    I know I will not make him feel like a hero if I don’t feel like he will protect me. I think there lies the disconnect. There needs to be someone teaching women about men and their need to feel like the hero. I’m sure there are more stuff I can learn about men that I don’t realize. There should be teaching men how to make their women feel safe and to learn what real love is for a woman.

    One we can fulfill these for each other in a relationship. Most of us would have the kind of relationship you have with Ann.

  9. Like I wrote in a tweet to you, your wife was very proud being your wife. You fulfill all her wishes and dreams. You two had something some ppl. wish for, but never come close to it. God bless.

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