Unconditional Love

Ann Short


When we were first married, Ann made it known that the one thing she was looking for was unconditional love. This is a love not based on her faults, what she has or does not have, or what she can give or do for me. She wanted love in the purest form.

It’s funny because the thing she wanted the most is also the thing that scared her the most. She wanted love without conditions but doubted that it even existed. I couldn’t be mad at her because she had every reason to doubt. As I stated in previous blog posts, our backgrounds and upbringings were completely different.


The A side of our marriage was full of many challenges. This was especially true for Ann. Even though she loved me, she was just waiting for the hammer to drop and crush her heart. She told me that she was watching me closely and waiting for “the other woman” to pop up. We laughed about that on the B side of our marriage but it was not funny then. She watched me like a hawk. She checked pay stubs to see if the hours I was supposed to be working matched my stubs. Much to her surprise at that time, everything always matched. This is so funny! I’m laughing as I’m writing this.

As I was passing all her checks something else was going on. Her trust in me was being built. I could have been offended by what she was doing but I knew that’s what needed to happen. She needed to see that she could trust me 100%. Eventually, that stopped when she figured out nothing was going to come of this. You see, when you’re not doing anything not even the best detective can find fault.


Apparently, Ann was not the only one noticing that our marriage was flourishing. She started to receive text messages from a blocked number stating that I was cheating while at work. Again, my check stubs were matching and we always talked while I was at work so she knew it was untrue. Still, she wanted it to stop. So here is what I proposed.

I told her that we were going to change her phone number. We were going to give her number out to small groups of individuals at a time. By doing this, the person or persons would eventually expose themselves because we knew who had the phone number. Well, what do you know! That solved the problem because we found out who was guilty real quick. The person texting Ann’s phone got her new number from someone who inadvertently exposed themselves. Ann was completely shocked but I was not. I will say this. Not every person saying “yes Lord” wants to see you happy. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles!


My love for my wife was without limits and without conditions, as every man's should be. Click To Tweet

Through our marriage, Ann was able to get exactly what she wanted. Because I was able to give her what she wanted the most she was able to give me what I desired most.What I desired most was to see her happy. I loved waking up to her every day and making her laugh. She had one of the most joyous laughs there was.

During the A side of our marriage, she would always ask me why I was staring at her. And guess what? During the B side of our marriage, she would ask me that too. I stared during the A side because I loved her and during the B side because I loved her more. She absolutely loved the way I loved her and I absolutely loved loving her. There are highs and lows in every marriage but the lows can’t compare to the high of having the honor to love her unconditionally. We were made to be together. Checkmate!


6 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

  1. Hello, with tears in my eyes, I can testify with your wife. I currently have those same fears and trying not to sabotage my current relationship. Wow….

  2. God bless you for even out of our uncomfortable situation he will use us for his glory. Your story’s of you and your wife will be able to help assist with other marriages God’s plan for you will oversee all your expectation of what his abundance is may he never remove his hand in Jesus name Amen when is your book coming out “Marriage on a different level”. I’m not married but it’s better to be prepared then to prepare as I go. Have a blessed day on purpose intentionally Jesus loves you

  3. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Oh my!Excellent writer. Yoi are so romamtic. Ann was blessed to have in you what every woman is searching for. Ann found her Prince in shining armour. I am so very happy for her. That was all i ever wanted, unconditional, true love. You all was blessed because only a few in life ever find it. You have beautiful memories of Ann, enough to see you through a lifetime. Don’t ever stop. You made all of her dreams come true. I want to thank you personally for her. It means a lot. Don’t you ever change for anyone. You are so special. God only made a few of you. Continue to Keep your wife memories alive always!

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