The Small Things Matter

Ann Short


One very important thing I learned from my seventeen-year marriage to this amazing woman is that the small things matter. Ann was not the type of lady who wanted a lot of things but she was the type of lady who wanted a lot of love. She wanted to know that I loved her no matter what, and I truly did.

The more people that can grasp the concept of “small things” the more marriages can be transformed into beautiful gardens of love. Notice I said LOVE, not sex. Though sex is a part of marriage it should not be the foundation.

I want to share with you some of the small things I would do to make Ann happy. Ann would iron her clothes but it was certainly not on her list of favorite things to do. For some reason she absolutely hated ironing. Knowing this, and since I was always the first to get up, I would iron her clothes when I ironed mine. She would wake up and go to iron her clothes and see that I ironed them already. This was such a small thing to do to make her happy.


Another thing I would do to get a smile is to help her put lotion on. She would often sit on the chair and begin to put lotion on and I would say “let me help you with that.” I would lotion her legs, her arms, and her back. That was another thing she loved. If I could take two minutes out of my day here and there to make her smile, that’s what I was going to do.

These were the moments that made our marriage beautiful. Not only were we husband and wife, but we were also best friends. There was no one on earth I spent more time or shared more laughs with. Those are the times I miss the most.

Most people believe (happy wife-happy life) but Ann and I believed (happy spouse-happy house) because the goal was for both of us to be happy. Click To Tweet


The “small things” love went both ways. I worked a job that caused me to get home about 11:30 pm. We would sit up for hours laughing and talking. Around 2 am I would be starving. She would ask if I was hungry and make me some meat and rice. That is one of my favorite dishes and it spoke of her love for me that she would do that at 2 am.

It’s easy to show your love when it’s convenient but to go out of your way to show your love is what Jesus wanted us to do. Jesus went out of his way all the time to show his love for the church. As a matter of fact, he was sitting on the throne in heaven and decided to inconvenience himself and come down and serve us. This is the kind of love we are to have for each other. Husbands and wives must love each other to the degree that they are willing to come down and serve the other.


17 thoughts on “The Small Things Matter

  1. Wow, this is awesome. My son as you know. Vince and I have a beautiful marriage and something that both of us use to say was happy wife happy life, but after reading what you said, we both agreed that happy spouse happy house is the correct statement and we will share this statement of truth with people that we come in contact with. Continue to let God use you.

  2. Yeah some little things that we ignore are really the things that matter the most. Thank you derron for teaching me a lot of things I had no idea about

  3. Sweet memories! Ann was blessed to have you. I was blessed with a thoughtful, loving husband too. My Fred has been in heaven 9 years and I still miss all the many little things he did and we shared. When we married neither of us started anything that we couldn’t keep up. I’m not a morning person so it was great to wake up to bath water already drawn and my curling iron hot and ready to be used. He was so good to my children and me that many doubted that I would survive, but GOD.

  4. Beautiful testament of your love for each other. I like that you mention how Jesus loved. We should love that way too. Thank you for such an eye-opening post about marriage and Jesus! God bless you!

  5. When I open Twitter I’m excited to see what you’re gonna share about you and Ann. I look forward to it everyday. May GOD comfort you.

  6. This was beautiful. My husband and I want to use the phrase happy spouse happy house. Your love for each other is the love I believe the Lord intended for us to hold. I admire the strength and commitment not only to Ann but to the Lord. What a man of true honor and how blessed Ann was to have you walk with her. Keep writing Derron as none of your writings go unnoticed. Blessings.

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