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Smile While Getting Unstuck

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One thing I know about being stuck is that it does not feel good. No one gets butterflies in their stomach whenever they think about working on the unattractive parts of themselves. These are the parts of ourselves that we DO NOT want others to know or speak about. There are issues that we deal with on a daily basis that keep us humbled. I use the word “we” because I am included.

Getting unstuck is more of a process than an event. I learned this lesson when I was a child. I remember attending church services and seeing the same people in the prayer lines for the same thing. This was especially true during revivals. I’m not saying it’s wrong to get in the prayer line. I sincerely believe in the power of prayer but I also believe in the application of wisdom.

Sprinkle the Fairy Dust

Because of God’s infinite power, we often expect for Him to wave a magic wand and make all of our insecurities, bad habits, and other problems disappear. I’m not even going to lie to you. That would be a lot easier on us. However, if that was the way things worked we would never learn anything.

#God does not want us to continue to make bad decisions and come to Him to sprinkle fairy dust on the consequences so He gives us grace to gain the wisdom. Click To Tweet

As a matter of fact, when the children of Israel first heard that they were going to be free, in their minds they were like (to the guards), “You go tell Pharaoh to make his own bricks… what he think this is?” But, the moment they found out it was going to be a process they changed to, “Hey Moses, why don’t you go find some animals or something to lead….. we were just fine until you brought your nosy tail around here.”

The Comfort Zone

We often make reference and point fingers at them for the way they behaved but many of us behave the same way. We have become some comfortable where we are in life even though we know the place we are has not been working for us. I’m not referring to anything material. I am, however, referring to the reason you can’t sleep at night. Let’s talk about the reason you toss and turn and it seems like you can never have any peace in your life. Your heart is heavy and it has been that way for some time now. You’ve been mommy-ing, daddy-ing, working, pastoring, ushering, and every other kind of “ing” in a broken state.

The more I think about it, and the older I get, I come to realize that God knows exactly what He is doing. Even though we have our faults, He loves us as though we are at our best. He does not throw us away because we are damaged goods.


Now, let’s return back to the children of Israel. We often talk about their trip to the Promised Land but I want to focus on their trip to the Red Sea. They started with enslaved minds and had to walk to the sea. We all know that God split the sea for them but they had to walk to get there. In other words, they had to put their left in front of their right to get to the place where God could perform a miracle. No one could split the sea for them but God. However, putting their left in front of their right was something they could do on their own.

In this same manner, God expects you, I, us, and we to do the same thing. Some of us have been stuck for years. We have been feeding our minds with negativity while rehearsing over and over again how we were mistreated.

If you want to change your thought life you must pray, eat positive soup (read positive material & watch positive shows), and hang with positive people. Click To Tweet

Your Season

I’m about to say something that’s not prophetic but it’s said in the spirit of wisdom. This Is Your Season! This season you will step out of your comfort zone and learn new things. God has an appointed time for certain great things to happen in your life that is out of your control but I declare unto you that your season begins the moment you make the commitment to thinking right thoughts!

Remember, we’re not talking about it being your season for your new this and your new that. I’m talking about stepping out of those old mindsets and behaviors, bad habits, negative thinking, and every other unfavorable way that has been holding you back. This is the season you get unstuck. As a matter of fact, God wants you to smile while getting unstuck!


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16 thoughts on “Smile While Getting Unstuck

    1. I am thankful that you invited me to read this. Been saying for a couple of years now that I’m stuck in this deep hole and can’t get out. I moved from Columbus to Cincinnati and haven’t found a good church home. I feel this was God telling me it’s time to take that first step to climb out. The word of God is so powerful and hearing it preached with the anointing from the Holy Spirit feeds us. I really enjoyed reading this and thank you again.

  1. I’ve been wanting to write a book talking about getting unstuck before moving forward. What I’ve found is that a lot of us don’t have the knowledge or tools in our tool box to go forward. And a lot of us is stuck because we fear change. You like what will it be like being unstuck when I’m use to feeling this way or doing things that way? Due to the old mindset it blinds the view of the new mindset. This is why being around positive like minded people is very important. I’ve enjoyed this read for you touched on a lot of areas.

  2. Wow. that is some heavy writing. First I must say, in my past experiences, it was not easy smiling while I was working on becoming “unstuck.” I had more bad days: feeling sorry for myself, going over and over in my mind what could I have done better. I HAD to trust God and His word; it was a decision I HAD to make and keep. I had to trust and believe, and stay in reading the Bible. And of course as the years, yes years, because my heart was traumatized, it took years before I felt alive and free and sure of God and myself!! I remember one morning I woke and was able to say, Jesus I love you ๐Ÿ˜Š. I am total trust of Him now and for that, I’m thankful and grateful to Him!! Great blog!!

  3. Thanks for this blog,I’m actually on the journey of being unstuck, I have learned to put God 1st in everything that involves my life. Also I no longer limit myself for I know I serve a limitless God. I can now say slowly but surely say I’m receiving my peace

  4. Brilliantly necessary!!! I know that doesnโ€™t manly any sense, but it is the first two words that came to mind when I read this blog!!! What a Powerful message!

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