Derron E. Short is a well-respected Marriage and Relationship Consultant, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and Blogger. He has mastered the art of helping others heal through their hurt. Although he is gifted in many areas, he specializes in marriage and relationship matters.

Life happened to Derron when he lost his beautiful wife Ann of seventeen years in 2018 to a three-year fight with breast cancer. They had a very loving marriage as they walked together, talked together, and prayed together. She was his best friend. Her death was much unexpected and he was absolutely shattered. Earlier in the year, Ann requested for Derron to write a book about marriage and relationships and to share examples from their life experiences. He started writing the book three days prior to her death, which was the first day she was placed on a ventilator. The plan was to wake her up once her numbers were high enough. Before she closed her eyes, the last words she said to her husband were, “We’re going to trust God.” Crushed by life’s blow, he completely stopped working on the book project. His health started to decline as a result of the stress. Weeks of barely eating, drinking, and sleeping soon followed. He was literally dying of a broken heart.

But God had other plans. He spoke to the heart of a stranger living in another country and instructed her to help him live. She then placed her very real problems on hold to force Derron to eat, drink, and sleep even though she intended to cut all communication with him once she knew he would be okay. Unbeknownst to Derron, Ann left messages for him with people she trusted in the event that she lost her fight. She wanted a virtuous woman to enter his life and help him deal with her death and to live. Her death was the one thing she knew would break his spirit. With Ann’s healing words, along with the obedience of this young lady, Derron began to find hope again. She encouraged him to “write the vision” and finish the book on marriage and relationships he started writing at his wife’s bedside. God resurrected both his health and his hope. The details of how God connected the dots in this story are mind-blowing!

Derron travels the world speaking the message of God’s miraculous healing power and giving husbands and wives the tools needed to have marriages filled with loving-kindness. He lends his ear to the hurting and his voice to the speechless. God has surely favored this young man.

He is preparing to release the book entitled “HusbandRules WifeActs: Guidelines For A Good Husband & The Actions of A Good Wife” as his farewell tribute to his wife Ann.