Dream Killers

Stop Explaining Your Dream To Dream Killers


So, we’re about to have a real talk about some very real things. I was recently taking a look at Joseph and the things he went through in life. Whenever examining a problem it’s important to find out the origin of the problem. Joseph’s problem started before he was even introduced to the pit. The pit represented the first stage of opposition his jealous family members tried to use against him.

I’m convinced that the reason God allowed us to know about the situations that unfolded in the lives of His people is because He wants us to learn from them. The temperature in Joseph’s home brings light to one very important fact. Not everyone in the house of God wants you to succeed in life. In Joseph’s case, the brothers who put him in the pit were the same brothers who worshiped with him prior to that situation. What changed?

It takes both wisdom and boldness for you to walk in your purpose because you have to be wise enough to know who is really against you and bold enough to tell them that you know who they are. Click To Tweet

I will tell you what changed. When God let Joseph know who he was going to be in life, Joseph made the mistake of telling the wrong people. He was excited because he knew his purpose and thought his brothers would be equally excited and happy for him. Have you ever been in Joseph’s shoes? Have you ever received good news from God and shared it with the wrong people? In Joseph’s defense, I can clearly understand how he made that mistake. These were the same men that he called “brother”, and they were also the same men that he worshiped with.

Rhonie Says

I had to explain this very thing to someone this week. They were excited because they knew what their purpose was in life. The problem was that they made the mistake of telling the wrong person. Just like Joseph, I can see how this happened. See, they too assumed their brothers and sisters in the Lord would be happy for them because these were the same brothers and sister they worshiped with. Though they lifted their hands together and said “Bless God”, their hearts were in two different lanes of worship.

Be careful of the people in your circle and stop explaining your dream to dream killers. I know what you’re thinking right now. You are wondering how you can know who is really for you and who is really pretending they’re for you? That’s simple. In the book of Matthew (Matt 7:15-20) we are warned about false prophets. It says that we will know them by their fruit. Even though this particular scripture is speaking of false prophets, the meat and of this scripture is that it also applies to false pastors, false teachers, false ushers, and false friends. I think you get the point because all of us are displaying some type of fruit (whether rotten or fresh).

You will never see bananas growing on an apple tree. In the same way, if your bro/sis in the Lord is talking about them, they’ll also talk about you. If they are jealous of them, they’ll also be jealous of you. God requires us to watch AND pray. We will pray, but the problem is that we fail to do the watching part so we are unable to know their fruit. Remember, God wants you to know them by the fruit they have and not the fruit they talk about.

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