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My Mom Calls My Wife These Names


My mom calls my wife names and I love it! As a matter of fact, I would have it no other way. She calls her names like beautiful, blessed, anointed, etc. I am very blessed to have a mom who loves my wife as if she was the one who gave birth to her. My wife receives more text messages and phone calls from my mom than I do. Sometimes I tease them by asking which one of us she gave birth to. Ann tells me all the time that I need to stop being jealous, lol!

I love it when my mom calls my wife names because she calls her names like beautiful, blessed, anointed, etc. Click To Tweet

Although this is our reality I do realize however that this is not the reality of most. I receive messages on a weekly basis on the subject of how to deal with the in-laws so I want to take the time to properly address it.

When my wife and I got married she became the number one woman in my life. This does not mean that my mom, sisters, aunts, and nieces no longer matter but my wife is to be pushed to the front of the line. My mom did not marry until my brother, sister, and I were grown but she did prepare us when we were children. I distinctly recall her saying to us, “If my husband ever tells you to do something and you come to me to get around him, there are going to be consequences.” Even before we were grown and before she was married she was teaching us that husbands and wives are to become one unit.

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There are many instances where spouses do not get along with their mother or father in law. Word to the wise: you cannot force your parents to like your spouse or vice versa. It would be lovely if you could but that is simply not reality. Even though they may not like each other there needs to be a mutual respect for one another and the person who needs to enforce this is the son or daughter. For instance, if I were having that problem it would be MY RESPONSIBILITY as the man/husband to let my mother and father know that I expect them to respect my wife, period. The same has to be true for the wife.

I think a lot of people misunderstand this principle because they understand it to mean that their wife or husband is always right if a misunderstanding were to happen between their spouse and their parents. That’s not what it means at all. For example, let’s say my wife was to curse my mother. Putting my wife first does not mean that I have to be in agreement with the wrong that she did. Part of having a good marriage is discussing boundaries and how things are going to be handled. If this is not done properly there will be total chaos. It is my opinion that too many people have opted for divorce when all they needed was direction on how to handle the situation.

I realize that I am blessed for my mother and wife to have the relationship they share and I am grateful to the both of them for making life that much easier for me. I love those two ladies!

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