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Available October 2, 2018

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Derron E. Short is one of the most dynamic biblical teachers of his time. Brought up in the church by his mother, along with his brother and sister, he has grown to be a spiritual giant. His words push, motivate, and inspire others to pursue God’s best for their lives. By encouraging others through social media, doors have opened for him to travel the world. The wisdom he speaks is far beyond his years. He currently resides in Delaware with his wife.

Derron E. Short
Judge Lynn Toler

Judge Lynn Toler

Fox Divorce Court Judge

“I love following Derron. He’s hilarious, inspiring, and is crazy about his wife. How could you not love a dude like that?!?”

Rhonie Says

Rhonie Says

Author & Motivational Speaker

“Derron's exceptional writing is the perfect tool to empower you to face life with faith and determination that propels you towards your purpose.”

Tony L. Warrick

Tony L. Warrick

Best Selling Author

"Derron Short is one of the intellectual giants of the 21st century and arguably one of the most influential writers of today."

Sharita Rouse

Sharita Rouse

Tummy YumYum Gourmet Candy Apples

"I really enjoy Derron’s tweets. The sense of humor that God has gifted him with is truly hilarious and encouraging."

Joe Braxton

Joe Braxton

Designer - Author - Advocate

"Derron, thank you. Thank you for the non-stop, real and raw quotes. I draw inspiration from them daily. There’s been many times I’ve felt as if we had a discussion on certain topics and you’re speaking directly to me. Keep walking in your purpose."

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“Connect with people who sincerely want to see you win.”

-Derron E. Short